Pregnant Cardi B Is Not In A Rush To Marry Offset After Celina Powell Scandal

Pregnant Cardi B Is Not In A Rush To Marry Offset After Celina Powell Scandal

Cardi B may have hit pause on her wedding plans with fiancé Offset because of the cheating scandal that rocked their world in late 2017.

In the fall of last year, the Migos rapper proposed with a massive diamond ring and very quickly a woman by the name of Celina Powell came forward.

Miss Powell went as far as saying she was pregnant with the rapper's baby.

While the "Bodak Yellow" diva has been telling the world that she is in love and she is sticking with her man, Offset himself has revealed that they are not in a rush to walk down the aisle.

He told Rolling Stone : “We ain’t, we ain’t planning it right now. We are chilling. We don’t get time for that right now. It’s my real life. It ain’t no gig. It ain’t no f**king game; you know what I’m saying? It ain’t no game. It’s my life.”

A source close to the Bronx femcee and reality TV star says she is having second thoughts and explained: “Offset knows how upset the scandal made her and he wants to make it right. He has been begging her to elope with him, he’s sure that will get people to stop talking about how they should break up.”

The insider added: “Cardi is torn because, on the one hand, she loves the idea of just the two of them running off to a beach somewhere, that would show all their haters. But Cardi knows her family would kill her if she didn’t have them there at her wedding, she doesn’t want to break her dad’s heart. If it weren’t for that, she’d for sure elope with Offset right away.”

One fan said: "You crazy as hell! Cardi is very happy! Offset looking very sexy and handsome as well. Let Cardi prematurely put Offset on the market based on y’alls merit fewer observations; these savage women will try to grab him."

Another added: "I am so sick of these DAMN relationship experts. I will guarantee you that most people are saying she is not happy or should leave Offset...don’t have successful relationships themselves. Offset and Cardi are made for each other from my perspective. I believe their love is solid."

Cardi B is said to be pregnant with her child.

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