Pre-Rehab Ben Affleck Reportedly Made A Tape With Playmate Shauna Sexton

Pre-Rehab Ben Affleck Reportedly Made A Tape With Playmate Shauna Sexton
Source: People

Ben Affleck and Playboy model Shauna Sexton dated for just a few weeks, but the drama from their brief relationship is far from over. Affleck and Sexton started dating just before he went to rehab for alcohol and substance abuse in August. And during those days before Affleck went to treatment, Sexton may have secretly recorded the two of them having sex. Now, a new report claims that Affleck is terrified that Sexton will release the tape.

According to Radar Online, Sexton told Affleck that she didn’t need him, and she was going to be the next Kim Kardashian. Affleck “took that as a threat that she has a tape.”

The 46-year-old actor swears the two never recorded themselves having sex, but those close to Affleck have their doubts. The Gone Girl star wasn’t exactly sober during that time, and some are wondering if he was lucid enough to remember all of the details of his time with Sexton.

“He’s been given a stern warning that he can’t trust her. He was so off the deep end when he was with her, that she could have anything to leak – a tape of the two of them, Ben doing drugs or drunk, or him just saying stupid stuff he wouldn’t want anyone to hear,” says an insider.

Affleck started dating the 22-year-old just a few days before his ex-wife Jennifer Garner drove him to a Malibu treatment center. Sexton stuck with Affleck during his rehab stint, and the two went on vacation to Montana together after he completed his treatment in early October.

But, not long after their trip, Affleck and Sexton split, with sources claiming that Affleck ended the relationship after getting some advice from his friends and family. But, Affleck hasn’t been able to cut ties with her completely.

Affleck is reportedly worried that Sexton could write a book about their whirlwind romance, and he has turned to his Hollywood friends for help. He is hoping that Sexton will eventually cool down and move on.

An insider says that Affleck originally ignored Sexton after they split, but he is planning to talk to her and calm her down. He is letting her think that there is a possibility of reconciliation.

Affleck’s inner circle is still worried about how much Sexton knows. A source says that for at least two weeks of their relationship “Ben was off the rails.”

Neither Ben Affleck nor Shauna Sexton have publicly commented about the situation.


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