Power Ends: 50 Cent Announces Four Spin-Off Shows

Power Ends: 50 Cent Announces Four Spin-Off Shows
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Power has finally closed the chapter on a six season run that left viewers at the edge of their seats at the end of every episode. However, this was only the beginning of the Power universe!

Spoiler alert: James St. Patrick was killed by his own son. Tasha St. Patrick ended up in jail while her son finished his four-year degree in a top notch university.

Immediately after, there were previews shown for new shows that 50 Cent took to Instagram to announce.


The rapper that serves as an executive producer wrote: ' Mary J. Blige-led Power Book II: Ghost Power Book III: Raising Kanan Power Book IV: Influence Larenz Tate Power Book V: Force TOMMY #powerneverends.'

There were mixed reactions to both the series finale and the spin-offs.

While some can't wait to dive deep into the prequels and sequels, others don't want to watch a show where the main character is no longer a part of the cast.

One fan wrote: 'When y’all killed off Ghost, my interest in the show died too. No other character can carry the show. I’ll be cancelling my Starz subscription for good this time.'

A viewer tweeted: ' Y’all really gotta understand just how smart of a ending power was. Even in his death ghost got exactly what he wanted out of Tariq by making his will the way he made it and by giving Tasha nothing since she never wanted to support him going legit to begin with. #PowerNeverEnds.'


Another fan tweeted: ' ooooo let me get this straight, they ruined an amazing series just to make sure some spinoffs could pop???!!! #PowerTV #PowerNeverEnds'

While this one said: 'Y'all talking about y'all not gonna watch any of the Power Spin Offs just because Ghost died. What else y'all gonna watch then? Another Season of Empire? Ru Paul's Drag Race? What else?'

Will you be watching any of the spin-offs?

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