Post Malone's Co-Writer Claims He Received Zero Credit For The Hit Song 'Circles'

Post Malone's Co-Writer Claims He Received Zero Credit For The Hit Song 'Circles'
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Post Malone just found himself in hot water over a copyright dispute. TMZ reported that Tyler Armes, a songwriter in the music industry, claims he helped write the song, "Circles," a big hit for Post Malone, and he received no credit for his contribution.

Not only did he purportedly not receive any credit for helping in the creation of the song, but he also didn't receive any payment or royalties either. According to TMZ, Tyler claims he and Austin Post, also known as Post Malone, linked up in August 2018 to write a song. Malone's manager encouraged their collaboration.

Last year, the song went to number one, despite being disliked by some fans and critics. Documents obtained by the entertainment news outlet claimed that Tyler was the one who came up with the chords as well as the bassline for the song.

Additionally, he helped in the creation of the guitar melody. Putting it simply, Armes believes his contributions are paramount in the song's success and creation.

Rather than receiving the credit he allegedly deserved, however, Armes claims the song came out in August of 2019 and his name wasn't included as a credit. The suit obtained by TMZ claims the songwriter was offered 5% of royalties with no songwriting credit by Post's record label.

He tried to get more of the song's publishing rights as well as a co-writing credit, but the label rebuffed the resolution. Furthermore, Armes claims Post Malone acknowledged that he played a role in the track's creation, but the record label isn't buying it.

Due to the fact it's hard for Tyler to get the money he wants, he had to file a lawsuit. Tyler is hoping to get past and future royalties of the song as well as a co-songwriting credit. Furthermore, he filed a lawsuit against Frank Dukes as well.

Armes states that Dukes, a known music producer, was also there for the songwriting session. This is otherwise negative news, in what has been a solid past few months for Post Malone. Earlier this year, the singer-songwriter revealed he was going to put on a virtual beer pong tournament to raise money for a coronavirus relief fund.

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