Post Malone Concert Gets Slammed For Attracting Huge Crowd After Most Concerts Get Rescheduled

Post Malone Concert Gets Slammed For Attracting Huge Crowd After Most Concerts Get Rescheduled
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As the panic of the Coronavirus heightens each day further than the next, artists and companies are thinking about the bigger picture and putting the health of their fans ahead of profit by rescheduling any events that attract a large gathering of people. Post Malone performed in concert last night in front of a packed arena and is now facing backlash.

The Pepsi Center in Denver strangely allowed the Post Malone concert to proceed after announcing that Blake Shelton would be rescheduling his Saturday performance for a later date.

With the NBA, NHL, and NCAA pausing all games and theme parks like Universal Studios and Disney being closed -- most places that planned to have a gathering of 100 people or more have suspended activities.

Reporter Ryan Haraar shared footage of the packed Pepsi Center which instantly saw Posty and the venue receive backlash from those wondering why the concert was allowed to go on.

'The level of selfishness, ignorance, and carelessness here has me completely disillusioned,' one Twitter user responded.

Another said: 'I wonder how much of this is the mentality that since they are young the illness won't be that bad for them? A mentality that completely ignores that even if it's not bad for them the could spread it to someone for whom it would be a death sentence.'

After a Post Malone fan said that they'd gladly contract the virus to see the rapper in concert, people warned her about her dangerous mindset.

'Okay Typhoid Mary, I hope you don’t plan on seeing your grandmother or anyone over the age of 60 because if they get it they have a high risk of death. Don’t be an ignorant sociopath. Read the news from Italy. Their elders are being wiped out.'

Another added: 'If sarcasm, not funny as people are dying..if serious, that's ignorant and selfish. You could have it, be asymptomatic, but pass it to someone who could die. How are people not understanding facts and science?'

It's important for people to acknowledge that although they may be fine if they contracted COVID-19, others they may pass it on to might not be as lucky.

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