Post-divorce Johnny Depp Starts Anew by Shedding some Extra Pounds

Post-divorce Johnny Depp Starts Anew by Shedding some Extra Pounds

Johnny Depp has received a great amount of hate and critique after his domestic abuse scandal and eventual divorce from now former wife Amber Heard.

Now that this whole chapter in his life is over, the actor is trying to start anew and get over the failed marriage.

With romance being pretty absent from his life, the only thing that the actor wants to focus on is his career and he wishes to make a real comeback on the big screen. Part of his comeback however is also the plan to shed quite a few extra pounds that accumulated as a result of his unwillingness to take care of himself during the scandalous few months.

Now that his divorce from Amber Heard is finalized, the actor has been a lot more focused on himself and eating healthy. According to reports, Depp has been able to shed no less than 14 pound a month.

“He’s lost weight and is living a healthier lifestyle,” a source claimed.

“He’s doing really well. He’s trying to shed the weight that has put on over the last couple of years and he’s getting results.”

In fact, his costars who are currently working with on the Labyrinth set reportedly barely recognize him due to his changes in his appearance and behavior.

“Johnny wasn’t acting like a man who had just been through hell,” stated another insider.

“He didn’t seem down at all in between filming. He is very strong, back to his best and looking great.”

While the Pirates of the Caribbean star may be feeling better about himself, he’s still at war with his ex-business partner, who alleged the actor is splashing out $2 million per month on his “ultra-extravagant lifestyle.”

Everyone agrees that 2016 has not been the best year for Johnny Depp who is usually not involved in scandals or controversies. Do you think he can revive his career after such a horrible year?


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