Porsha Williams Worries Fans With Her Latest Post - They Try To Comfort Her

Porsha Williams Worries Fans With Her Latest Post - They Try To Comfort Her
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Porsha Williams shared a weird message on her social media account, and her fans don't know what to believe and what's happening to her. Check out the message in which she talks about worrying and the fact that God takes care of everything.

A concerned fan asked 'Why are you worried Porsha? All new mothers worry that they are doing everything right. You need not worry. All you have to do is just live your baby and trust your gut!!! That’s it!! This is the easy part. It really tricky when they become teens. So enjoy this time. It goes by faster then you can ever imagine!! 💜❤️💕'

Someone else said 'We all worry...then GOD shows up in an awesome way. You're human...ppl love and respect you and we don't even know you. Continued blessing.'

A follower posted: 'God is teaching me so much about really trusting Him. Fully. Completely.
Without suggestions or projections, I just need to embrace the very next thing He shows me. And then the next. Though the long path is uncertain, He's so faithful to shed just enough light to see the very next step. This isn't Him being mysterious. This is a great demonstration of His mercy.'

Someone else wrote: 'Too much revelation, and we'd pridefully run ahead of Him. Too little and we'd be paralyzed with fear. So I'm seeking slivers of His light just for today and filling the gaps of the unknown with trust. ❤️'

A fan told Porsha 'I don't know what you're going through, but I'm really concerned about tomorrow in Dayton, Ohio. I pray they're safe while conquering hate.'

Another follower had a piece of advice for Porsha and said: 'All in Gods timing🙏🏾 HIS will be done. Our trouble comes when we try to move ahead and do what we want instead of trusting in God to lead us. Stop worrying sis and start praying🙏🏾 God holds a special place for praying faith-filled mothers❤️'

Before this Porsha shared some pics in which she is showing off the most beautiful dress for vacay and she just celebrated PJ's second month of life.

Let's hope that everything is okay with Porsha and her family.

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