Porsha Williams Working Hard To Make It Work With Dennis McKinley Despite His Infidelity - Here's Why!

Porsha Williams Working Hard To Make It Work With Dennis McKinley Despite His Infidelity - Here's Why!
Credit: Source: realityblurb.com

As a couple, they’ve been through a lot but it sounds like Porsha Williams is willing to work through her tumultuous relationship with Dennis McKinley and try to make it work. But the man cheated on her while she was pregnant so why is the reality TV star still so open to rekindling their romance even after that painful betrayal?

The answer is pretty simple! It’s all for the sake of their daughter, Pilar Jhena!

The baby, who turns 1 year old on March 22, is both of their priority and Porsha has been working hard on getting over Dennis’ infidelity and rebuilding what they once had.

After all, she really thinks it’s not just about her and Dennis anymore since they have a child together.

For her sake, Porsha is willing to fight for their relationship so that little PJ can have both her parents in her life.

This is what a close source tells HollywoodLife, explaining that ‘Porsha’s had to overcome a lot of struggles in her relationship with Dennis, and she’s willing to at least try for the sake of their daughter. But, that’s all she can promise for now. Like any other couple, Porsha and Dennis have had their fair share of speed bumps throughout their relationship. They initially fell hard and fast, so of course there’s always going to be setbacks, but at the end of the day they have always managed to find their way back for the sake of their daughter.’

‘They have a baby now and that is, and always will be their number one priority no matter what the outcome of their relationship may be,’ the insider went on to dish.

As fans of RHOA remember, Porsha told Bravo boss Andy Cohen back in December that she and Dennis had reunited and were engaged once again after initially splitting in the aftermath of his cheating.


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