Porsha Williams Urges Her Fans To Support A Charity Movement

Porsha Williams Urges Her Fans To Support A Charity Movement
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Anyone who knows Porsha Williams also knows that fact that she's a really kind soul. And while she has been living her best life these days, waiting to meet her baby PJ, she cannot stop thinking about others as well.

She has done this before - trying to help the ones in need, and now she's reaching out to her fans asking for support in this fantastic initiative. Here's her latest post on social media.

'STOP SCROLLING AND HELP... PLEASE, We are in the process of feeding federal employees as well as other families who need help with food, clothing, rent assistance, and utility assistance. You can give via our cash app $hoseahelps. Tomorrow Hosea Helps will be at the Georgia International Convention Center from 10 AM to 3 PM, and we need your help Volunteers are needed to help with food prep TODAY visit our website 4hosea.com register to come today and give whatever you can! So many feel helpless, but we can make a difference... we do make a difference at Hosea Helps❤️ @4hosea' Porsha captioned her post.

Her fand made sure to show Porsha admiration and love in the comments section.

Someone told her 'Thank you for your philanthropic work @porsha4real . Would be great to see more celebrities giving back, rather than always focusing on themselves. If I were in Atlanta, I’d definitely be there, and encourage all who are. I will give however. 👍🏽'

Another follower also gushed over Porsha and wrote: 'This is why love you Porsha. We love your family and especially your grandfather. ❤️'

One supporter was on the exact same page and told her this: 'You are the real MVP, THE REAL AND ONLY HOUSEWIFE OF ATL. LOOK AT THAT "STUPID" GIRL MAKING BIG MOVES. Keep being a great baby girl. Granddad's footsteps.👣👣👣'

And someone else told her that her granddad would be very proud of her: 'Your grandfather would be proud @porsha4real . You are a real trooper. Keep reaching for the stars love. May every blessing you give come back tenfold for you and your family. God bless you!'

Congratulations Porsha, for giving back! We wish her all the best, and we cannot wait to meet baby PJ.

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