Porsha Williams Thinks It's Unfair That Kenya Moore Is Allowed To Not Bring Her Husband On 'RHOA'

Porsha Williams Thinks It's Unfair That Kenya Moore Is Allowed To Not Bring Her Husband On 'RHOA'
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When you're a reality TV star, you have no private life. Everything about you is shown on the program that you star in or easily searchable on the internet. Porsha Williams is a great example and is speaking out against the fact that her co-star is allowed to keep an aspect of her life hidden.

Kenya Moore shocked the world earlier this year when she wed in a secret ceremony. Most people didn't even know that her ties to Matt Jordan were finally severed.

Not only did Kenya surprise her fans, co-star, and her dad, but she also didn't give the network a heads up. Moore denied them the perfect opportunity to bring in more viewers with a wedding involving one of the ladies who was thought least likely to get married anytime soon.

To top things off, Kenya is refusing to bring her new beau on the show. She has explained that before he met her he was a very private person.

In the latest episode of "RHOA," the newlywed is shown having a total meltdown because of the media invading their privacy in order to find out more about him.

The fact that Bravo is allowing her not to reveal too much about her husband, whose name is Marc Daly, doesn't sit well with Porsha Williams according to Fameolous.

The site reports that Porsha said: "We are on a reality show.  Everybody  else on the show is obligated to open their family up to the world and open up our private lives. So, it’s not fair when somebody makes the decision to not bring their husband on the show. Cynthia went through a divorce on the show, I went through a divorce, I mean, people going through stuff in their  real life  on the show."

Williams added: "Every single person on this show has dealt with their personal life on the show and  exposed  themselves and has been transparent. You’re not a  team player  if you’re on the show and not show your personal life, but still want to be here. It’s not being a team player."

Porsha Williams went through a very public divorce with her ex-husband Kordell Stewart and the cameras were there for it all.

Do you think Porsha has a right to feel that way?


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