Porsha Williams Tells Kandi Burruss To Lose Weight But There Is More To The Story

Porsha Williams Tells Kandi Burruss To Lose Weight But There Is More To The Story
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Awkward! Kandi Burruss has been embroiled in a nasty fight with Porsha Williams on social media and fans are perplexed by the harsh language and shade used by The Real Housewives of Atlanta ladies.

However, there is a twist in this bizarre feud. It all started when Kandi caught wind of a nasty note from Porsha that said she needs to lose weight.

Porsha also told Kandi that she needs her to have a good storyline on the show.

Kandi hit back by bashing Porsha's fiancé, Dennis McKinley, and reminding her that she is richer than her.

As it turned it out, Kandi was blasting someone running a fake Porsha account.

Kandi eventually deleted the message, but Porsha threw some shade with this message: "Hating hoes ain’t HAPPY & happy hoes ain’t HATING! #FlyingAbove ?."

One fan reacted to the fake fight turned real by saying: "I love Kandi, but she's a hypocrite, what happened to don't talk about my man. She shows her true colors this season, but I don't hate her for it because we all have our flaws, but it's disappointing."

Another commenter said: "I love Kandi, BUT... if ur checks were that great u wouldn’t be worried about Porsche getting married and catching up to u!! It should be all good in the Atl, Right?? Kandi has no storyline unless she uses you. She hated when her mom talks about Todd and say the streets were talking, but she all in your business."

This third follower claimed: "All the women have been messy and stirred the pot at some point. Porsha was messy and wrong for spreading those nasty rumors about Kandi and Todd. Now Kandi is being messy about Porsha and Dennis. They both need to be grown women and truly move on. Like pick up the phone and talk it out, instead of beefing via social media or even throwing shade when they get on WWHL. Not one of them is innocent. You can be fans of both and still call them on their BS."

It seems that these two ladies will not stop bickering anytime soon.

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  • La Ori
    La Ori Nov 19, 2018 1:07 PM PST

    I'm happy for Miss Porsha!! Come on THRU, girl! Kandi should try the "Live and Let Live" mantra! No more BEEF with these two. Support each other!

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