Porsha Williams Tells Cynthia Bailey She's Blessed To Have Found A Man Like Mike Hill

Porsha Williams Tells Cynthia Bailey She's Blessed To Have Found A Man Like Mike Hill
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Cynthia Bailey shared a photo on her social media account in which she's together with Mike Hill. Porsha Williams had a few words to tell Cynthia as you will see below.

'Love cures people. #RepresentJustice #CHill,' Cynthia captioned her photo.

Phaedra told Cynthia that she is 'So blessed to have this kind of love ...you deserve it.'

A follower told Cynthia: 'I have followed RHOA since season 1 and I have to say I am so so very happy you’re finally happy, Cynthia. You truly deserve it mama!' and someone else said: 'I remember when yall were on Steve Harvey and he said you were gonna be his wife...you gave him that look....now fast forward!! Love conquers!!'

Someone else said: 'In this pic u looked so alike with Noelle😍....u guys ❤️look so cute!!!!' and one other follower posted this message: 'Your personality seem so angelic... you deserve everything u wish for.'

One otheer Instagrammer posted: 'Beautiful sun-kissed. Your daughter look so much like you in this pic.'

Someone else said: 'Cynthia I’ve watched#RHOA from day one...when you entered the picture you were effervescent, and someone I admired. I’ve seen you through your ups and downs and girl... you are on that ride that got stuck at the top. It’s all uphill from now, love you and yours and pray life just keeps getting better for you!!! Stay safe!!!'

The truth is that Cynthia has been really happy with Mike and her fans simply love this relationship.

Not too long ago, Cynthia shared a couple of new pics in which she’s lounging with Mike Hill while binging on BravoTV at home. When people saw what they are eating they mentioned the wedding dress that Cynthia has to wear in the near future.

It's been said that Cynthia will get married to Mike sometime this year, but this remains to be seen.

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