Porsha Williams Stands Up For Phaedra Parks After Shemar Moore Denied That He Dated Parks

Porsha Williams Stands Up For Phaedra Parks After Shemar Moore Denied That He Dated Parks
Source: People.com

This past week, fans on social media speculated on the possibility of a relationship between Shemar Moore and Phaedra Parks. The reason for the rumors was a post on Parks' Instagram.

In response to the claims, Moore denied the rumors and once again, reminded everyone that he is, in fact, not gay. However, not everyone cares about his denial.

When Porsha Williams sat down with the hosts of Dish Nation, Porsha claimed that she didn't understand the reason for Shemar shutting down the rumors, especially when Phaedra herself never talked about it.

During the interview, she said, "why he has to bring up Phaedra? She ain't say she was dating him. Who goes online to say you're not dating a beautiful woman. She got a job; she got money."

Furthermore, according to the reality star, men "lie on their penis," probably meaning that men often lie about their sexual travails to their friends to sound cool.

Additionally, Porsha stated, "he didn't have to add her all in there like that. You didn't have to go that far."

Perhaps, Shemar has a woman who he is dating and doesn't want her to get mad at the rumors of an alleged romance with Phaedra.

And while the talks about Shemar's alleged homosexuality and possible relationship with Parks were blossoming, many are beginning to wonder if Phaedra and Parks will become friends again.

Either way, maybe Williams has other more important things to worry about it, considering her car in Atlanta was robbed of a gun as well as several Louis Vuitton bags. Police began an investigation shortly after the incident.


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  • Tooukie
    Tooukie Nov 19, 2017 8:41 PM PST

    She's a true homegirl you don't flat-leave friends. Pretty Porsha's blond hair do is sittting 1000% on WWHL, you go girl! Where Nene at?

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