Porsha Williams Stands Up For Her Fiance After RHOA Co-Stars Expose His Shady Past!

Porsha Williams Stands Up For Her Fiance After RHOA Co-Stars Expose His Shady Past!
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Most of the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars believe Porsha Williams’ fiance Dennis McKinley is a huge playboy, but apparently, the woman couldn’t care less! In fact, the reality TV star made sure to defend the man against all of those who doubt he’s good for her.

For Porsha, the past doesn’t seem to matter!

The RHOA star thinks that whether Dennis had many relationships or not before committing to her, it is not important!

That being said, she had quite the clap back for all those, and that includes Kandi Burruss, who started the rumors Dennis is a player in the first place!

During an interview for E! News’ Daily Pop, Porsha argued: ‘Allegations are allegations. People sit around what they think they know, or whatever about the past, everybody has a past. He’s not gonna sit up and deny everything word for word. He’s a businessman, he’s out making money somewhere.’

As fans remember, Kandi and her pals, Jami and Carmon were the ones to bring up Dennis’ past during the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Apparently, Porsha’s fiance might have dated more than just one woman at a time over the years.

Furthermore, it was even suggested that he and Porsha actually met while he was in another relationship and he cheated on that girlfriend with her!

Other rumors say he would gift his past flings expensive Rolex watches and even get their names tattooed on him!

Sure enough, Porsha’s name is now inked on his thigh, and the woman also owes a watch from that brand!

Still, despite all the allegations, Porsha has been over the moon since getting pregnant with Dennis and also getting engaged back on October 1!

Is it really a perfect modern fairytale and people are just jealous of their happiness or should Porsha be worried he’ll cheat again?


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