Porsha Williams Shows Off Her Niece Baleigh, Just In Case You 'Need A Smile Today'

Porsha Williams Shows Off Her Niece Baleigh, Just In Case You 'Need A Smile Today'
Credit: Source: bet.com

Porsha Williams' fans already know that she is completely in love with her niece Bailegh, her sister, Lauren Williams' daughter.

She has been posting the cute baby girl online for a while, and she's always happy and proud to show her off to fans and followers.

She will soon have her own baby girl with her fiance Dennis McKinley.

Here is Porsha's recently cut pic with the gorgeous Baleigh that had fans in awe:

Her fans flooded the comments section with praises for the cute little lady and told Porsha to wait a bit more because she'll have her own beautiful child.

As you all know, Porsha is expecting a baby girl with Dennis, and despite all the drama that has been floating around this woman lately, she still manages to be the happiest woman.

She was also able to get past all the rumors related to her fiance's past, and she's madly in love with the man.

There's also the drama with NeNe Leakes that recently shocked fans as well.

Anyway, Porsha seems to have  distanced herself from all the drama , and all she wants to do is finish this year focusing on something else.

She wants to end 2018 praising all the black personalities who have marked the entertainment industry and more.

She had a message on Instagram to address the subject. Porsha still has to wait a bit more before she gives birth to her very first child.


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