Porsha Williams Shares Pics And Videos From PJ's First Valentine's Day

Porsha Williams Shares Pics And Videos From PJ's First Valentine's Day
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Porsha Williams shared some pics from PJ's first Valentine's Day. Fans cannot have enough of the gorgeous baby, and if you check the pics and videos below, you'll understand why.

In some of the pics, Porsha is also present, and she's showing off her natural face. Fans are here for it.

'She really don’t be studdin me😂, but y’all she getting so big 😩❤️❣️❣️❣️ #10Months #1stValentine @pilarjhena #1DaddysOutfit,' Porsha captioned one of the posts.

'When all else fails just make a video😂...Yes I changed her again lol I’m excited got my little love bug for the 1st time on Valentine’s Day ❣️❤️ I hope you all are enjoying the day as well💋💋 @pilarjhena #2MommysOutfit,' Porsha captioned one other post that she shared on her social media account.

Someone commented: 'Her mouth every time he pulls out a toy! She’s so excited each time 😍.' and another follower said: 'She’s like where is the candy!! Y’all tryna play me.'

One other follower posted this: 'Awww her face when the stuffed animals come out of the box in the last video is just so cute!!!'

Another fan said: 'Baby let me tell you baby p look like she not gone play the radio when she get older 😂👏🏾she is going to read queen 👸 I can tell.'

Someone else posted: 'Aha hahahah. She is so darned cute and she ain’t think bout u and your valentine talk,' and one follower wrote: 'Your baby is not here for it. She acts like a lil old women! Adorable.'

A fan said: 'She is so adorable she reminds me of your mom...' and someone else posted: 'Still cute without the wigs and lashes Mama!! So happy for you with your cute little baby!!'

Another fan also addressed the pics in which Porsha has a natural face: 'Beautiful with an without makeup. Happy Valentine's day.'

Other than this, Porsha is getting ready for the Trinidad carnival .

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