Porsha Williams Shares More Jaw-Dropping Photos From The Bahamas - Check Out Her Divine Pregnant Figure

Porsha Williams Shares More Jaw-Dropping Photos From The Bahamas - Check Out Her Divine Pregnant Figure
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You may recall that a while ago, Porsha Williams went to the Bahamas where she had a jaw-dropping photo session. Fans were amazed by her beauty and the way in which she was carrying her pregnancy.

Now, Porsha is back with more goodies from that particular photo session. Check out more pics below.

'Too bad I can’t fly anymore I would love to vacay one more time 😩🌞 #Bahamas @stanlophotography Hair: @gonakedhair #MuvaP' Porsha captioned one of the photos.

Someone said 'Love you Porscha, can't wait to see a picture of the beautiful angel.'

Another follower gushed over her and said 'Porsha, you look AMAZING! I’m so excited for you, with every contraction the closer the time to meet your ‘PRINCESS!!! She’s worth every tear, & contraction!!!'

Someone else praised Porsha as well and said: 'You're flawless! I've never been jealous of a pregnant person's body 😢. But, I envy you for this one. PJ get your mama.'

One commenter brought up what happened at NeNe Leakes' house when Kandi and Porsha insisted on seeing her dressing.

The person said 'She had a right to remove you from her space. Just like if you decide to block me that’s your right. She verbally asked you repeatedly. I can’t believe you don’t see how you violated her space while she’s fighting for her space. Come on, Sis you gotta see how wrong you were. That’s was no different from Kenya repeatedly putting that scepter in your face despite you repeatedly asking her to stop. What option did that leave you at that moment? You should understand the position you put your FRIEND/SISTER in. Your wrong, Sis. I’m only telling you this because I love you. Sincerely. You wrong.'

The same commenter continued and explained: 'Last thing... Kandi apologized because she was wrong and that’s what wrong people should do. None of that would have happened if you had respected her privacy in her space. You put her in a horrible position when she was already in a horrible position, and I think that’s why you got such a harsh response. You were the last of the people that she expected to follow Kandi into disrespecting her in her space.'

Just recently, Porsha revealed to her fans that another one of her dreams just became reality.

She launched her clothing line in collaboration with MinxStar.

Porsha also made sure to share a video on her social media account in which she’s presenting some of the items, and she looks flawless.

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