Porsha Williams Shares Great Advice With Her Fans: 'Be Brave Enough To Demand More'

Porsha Williams Shares Great Advice With Her Fans: 'Be Brave Enough To Demand More'
Credit: Source: complex.com

Porsha Williams is the happiest she's ever been these days. Since she met Dennis McKinley, her new BF, she is glowing with so much joy, and she feels that she wants to share it all with her loved ones.

These include her fans as well, and she's been posting lots of motivational messages to encourage them and make them understand that life can also be beautiful.

She always uses herself as the best example. Check out her latest Instagram post below.

Her fans appreciated her message and made sure to flood her comments section with lots of praises.

'@porsha4real please tell us that you’re getting alone with everyone. Watching you get into it with others isn’t entertaining it’s upsetting ? You’re my girl! You don’t need another stressful season. Just love, happiness and flourishing friendships!!!!' one of her followers posted.

'Thank you very much @porsha4real me and my wife love you very much. @varygirl I’m so happy you find love ❤️ you a perfect girl once again thank you very much,' another fan wrote, while someone else wanted to make sure that she takes care of her new romance: 'Lord girl, I hope you don't allow that damn show to destroy this relationship.'

'Thanks, beautiful lady. You are strong and knows how to deal with whatever you have to face. I am so proud of you. You are a good inspiration to our teen growing up... Thanks,' another grateful commenter posted.

'What got me was BRAVE ENOUGH ...?? so many of us aren't brave enough to speak up n believe better will come!! BUT IT WILL?,' some other person was also impressed.

We totally agree with what Porsha said, and we wish her a beautiful life ahead!


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