Porsha Williams Shares Gorgeous Pictures As Baby Pilar Jhena McKinley Celebrates Being 2 Months Old

Porsha Williams Shares Gorgeous Pictures As Baby Pilar Jhena McKinley Celebrates Being 2 Months Old
Credit: Credit: Instagram

Baby PJ is officially two months old, and she is the one giving gifts to her fans and posing with mom Porsha Williams.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star took to social media where she posted a series of gorgeous photos that melt hearts.

One features baby Pilar Jhena Mckinley all curled up and wrapped up in a purple blanket. In another picture, she is sleeping on a giant moon. Dennis McKinley's baby daughter was showered with love by fans.

One supporter stated: "Too cute the way she looks like her daddy. You my favorite person to watch on tv, always a smile on your face ❤️❤️❤️She’s so beautiful may she always see beyond her desires and receive what she sees. May the world remain on her shoulder. May God always lift her up. ❤️🙏🏾❤️"

Another Instagram auntie wrote: "Uhhhh don’t y’all be in the comments coming for my niece Ain’t Playing with all of you! 😂 My Sis Porsha is Slaying Motherhood like she’s Slaaaaaaying our lives hunni. 🔥💯"

This fan shared: "She is growing sooooo fast, watch out she could be moving out the way for the next one. Porsha idk but she looks like she can fit right into my family... 🤗 let me know if you want to sign her papers over to me 😂Precious indeed! Just take my little heart and pour hot milk on it! 😍She’s beautiful Porsha! I’m so happy for you! Everyone deserves love and happiness like this! You deserve it, Sis!! Njoy!!"

In a new interview, Dennis revealed that he is deeply in love with Porsha and added: "Besides her being beautiful, she is just down to earth. I know she seems funny on the show, but she is really just like that in person. She is funny, and a lot of fun, and we just clicked. We became best friends, and it felt easy, natural."


He went on to say: "When two people both want the same thing, it’s an amazing place to be. We were honest with each other from the beginning, and we talked about everything. Once we decided to be together, we talked about our pasts because we knew people were going to come out of the woodwork from both our pasts, but we both knew it and were prepared."

Porsha is raising a little star.


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