Porsha Williams Shares Cute Video Of Baby Pilar As She Praises Dennis McKinley For Being A Great Father

Porsha Williams Shares Cute Video Of Baby Pilar As She Praises Dennis McKinley For Being A Great Father
Credit: Instagram

Porsha Williams cannot get enough of the world’s attention towards her young baby, Pilar, as she has been quite active in posting pictures of her on social media.

The most recent set of photos show young Pilar sound asleep after just having taken a warm bath.

Porsha always looks like a proud mother in those photos, and it is clear that she has been enjoying all the positivity around her young daughter.

The baby is less than a month old at this point but has already been getting quite popular around the world.

Many of Real Housewives Of Atlanta star’s fans have started to follow the “progress” of young Pilar actively, and it looks like Porsha herself is not at all shy about revealing more information of that type.

Some were previously worried about Porsha and her ability to handle life as a mother.

This mostly came from people around the set of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, as well as some of the show’s fans.

However, it looks like she has managed to prove everyone wrong by doing her best to raise the child in a responsible manner so far.

Many have expressed sentiments of a great surprise following her progress.

The only negative comments fans have seen so far have been about the constant social media exposure the child has been getting.

However, in this day and age, it is hard to say if there is anything wrong about that at all.

After all, most children grow up in a similar way with or without having celebrity parents in the first place.

Her fiancé, Dennis McKinley, has been doing a great job as a father.

A source told Hollywood Life : "Porsha‘s fiance Dennis has been an incredible help since PJ was born and has stepped up more than Porsha ever imagined. He’s so sweet with PJ changing her diapers, waking up multiple times in the middle of the night to help take care of her, and rocking her to sleep. Porsha was already head over heels in love with Dennis but seeing how loving and caring he is with PJ absolutely melts Porsha‘s heart. Dennis is not only an amazing father to PJ but a wonderful help and has waited on Porsha hand and foot whenever she needs it."

Porsha is having a lot of fun.


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