Porsha Williams Shares Another Shocking Video Depicting Police Brutality

Porsha Williams Shares Another Shocking Video Depicting Police Brutality
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Porsha Williams made fans her fans and followers angry with a new video that she shared on her social media account. This shows police brutality against a woman, as you will see in the clip below.

'The #Bellevue officer in this video has been identified as William Dowsing Badge #548. Officer William Dowsing is still in active duty. And here’s what you can do to help this BLACK woman! via @vasjmorgan Please email: Public Information Officer Contact: Meeghan Black Email: bellevuepd@bellevuewa.gov Office of Accountability Contact: Kevin Masseth Email: bpdaccountability@bellevuewa.gov Update: Newly released footage from 2018 the Bellevue Police Department says this incident was investigated through the departments Use of Force review process and the department’s complaint process,” and that Dowsing’s behavior “was found to be in compliance with department policy.” 😡 #EndPoliceBrutality,' Porsha captioned her post.

While some individuals were curious about the date when this was filmed, others said that the woman is white.

A follower said: 'Did he say "or imma put you out"? This is way beyond out of control. And its seemingly happening more or at least be brought to the public eye more in the last few weeks. God help us.'

Someone else said: 'She looks pretty white!' as if she were white, such a horrible thing would be justified.

A follower responded to the one above and said: 'agreed. But still. She is a human being. She is a woman. He is stronger and knows it. It shouldn't happen to any race.'

Someone else said: 'I saw a longer version of this video. She’s definitely Black,' and another commenter posted this: 'We are living a nightmare. Every day a new video. Smh. Let us live.'

Another follower said: 'They are here to enforce laws not make them up as they go We are really tired of this.'

Recently, Porsha addressed some terrible subjects about crimes that took place recently. She triggered a massive debate in the comments.

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