Porsha Williams Shares An Important Recommendation Amidst The Global Crisis

Porsha Williams Shares An Important Recommendation Amidst The Global Crisis
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Porsha Williams also believes that it's best to remain at home as much as possible these days. She shared an important recommendation and triggered various reactions from her fans.

'Please just try to stay home with close loved ones if you can❤️🙏🏾 Be safe and know God’s got our back!' Porsha captioned her post.

Someone said: 'It should be less than that. That’s not good enough. That’s not how the numbers have started to dwindle in China. Stay only with your immediate family. I mean, think about it. What’s the difference if one person in 50 has it you will still get infected. 40 people at 1 dpt store got infected from 1 person here when it first started.'

One commenter said: 'So this mean don’t go to work lol they tripping 😂' and another fan posted this: 'In Amsterdam, we are in a Soft lockdown already. Getting crazy but necessary. I predict you guys are next 😅'

One commenter wrote this: 'Biiiihhhh- I’m sitting her on this MONDAY MORNIN’. And for that - you and I at least are BLessed !! Stay safe pretty lady !!💙👑✨'

Someone else said: 'I’m glad that you are taking this seriously. you could be out taking glamorous pictures of yourself, but your not. I hope that people who admire you are following your advice. It’s just a reminder that all people, famous or not, we are in this together. I’m in England right now but will hopefully be back in my home in Atlanta on Friday.'

A follower wrote: 'It’s really heartbreaking my daughter's birthday party is canceled she has the same birthday with your daughter the coronavirus is a disaster @porsha4real.'

Other than this, Porsha also tried to make her fans laugh with a recent post.

Her followers appreciated the fact that she brings a bit of joy in their lives during these harsh times that we are currently living.

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