Porsha Williams Seals A Deal With Her Mom, Ms. Diane - Check Out Her Video

Porsha Williams Seals A Deal With Her Mom, Ms. Diane - Check Out Her Video
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Porsha William just sealed a deal with her mom, Ms. Diane, about some 'mommy hours.' Check out the video that she shared on her social media account below.

'What time should I choose?? Lol Mommy time 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 thanks @msdianeofficial 😂 #MillionDollarPancakes,' Porsha captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I’m so happy you had that baby she’s brought so much joy to your world,' and another follower who loves Porsha's natural look posted this: 'Good Afternoon Porsha you're so Beautiful without Makeup you look so natural.'

Another follower said: 'Yasss!! Now I see it without all the makeup! Yes, Pj is your twin,' and one fan posted this: 'Porsha, you look so young, still beautiful, without makeup!'

Someone else said: 'You can't leave the house. What's mommy's time, going to the next bedroom? Lol' and one commenter posted this: 'Looking good PJ senior, lol! You are so naturally beautiful; you don’t need any makeup at all!'

A follower posted: 'I wish my mom were alive to be with me and my baby girl. This would be so us 😔😔😔. Nothing lime having your here on earth.'

One commenter said the following: 'Love you all the way from London Porsha! You stay making me laugh, keep keeping it babes.'

One other follower also appreciated Porsha's natural look: 'I swear @porsha4real looks like a different person without makeup lol! No way this is a woman in her 40s, more like early 20s.'

Someone else said: 'I love your momma because she reminds me of my mommy beauty and a heart of gold.'

Speaking of Ms. Diane, Porsha announced to her fans that she managed to reach 100.000 followers on her social media account.

Porsha told her fans back in 2019 that she created an Instagram account for her mom and now look how far she made it!

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