Porsha Williams Says She Had The Same Tastes As Breonna Taylor And Promises Her Justice

Porsha Williams Says She Had The Same Tastes As Breonna Taylor And Promises Her Justice
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Porsha Williams cannot and will not give up the case of the late Breonna Taylor . She has been fighting for this for a while now, and she will continue to do so until justice is achieved.

Check out her recent post that she shared in her memory.

'🌸We had the same taste! I feel like she was Everyone's bestie! We are still fighting for you, Queen! #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor #SayHerName #HerLifeMattered 🙏🏾✊🏾' Porsha captioned her post, which includes a photo of Breonna and one of herself.

A follower praised her and said: 'Porsha, you are a real one!! I know your grandfather is super proud of you ❤️' while someone else posted this: 'She was involved with drugs and shady men ... just sayin 👀 no - she shouldn't be dead - I know.'

Another commenter wrote: 'She seems like the type of woman that would have made a great friend.'

Someone else said: 'One thing about confident and beautiful Breonna, she knew her angles and her hair was always cute in these photos. Thank you for representing her well❤️.'

A fan posted this: 'It is tragic that the work of your grandfather is still unfinished. Much respect for picking up where he left off.'

Someone else said: 'Legally I think in most states that if you have a legal weapon and you brandish it inside your home because someone is busting inside your home very late at night and you don’t know who it is, you do have a right to protect yourself and for the attorney general and the police to say that Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend actually tried to kill a police officer that’s totally incorrect he had a right to protect his self because he didn’t know who was busting in his home and neither did she it would be different if they were outside their home doing that, but they weren’t!!!'

Another follower said: 'Queen. yes, girl, she would be so moved by all the love God bless and keep her.'


In other news, Porsha Williams shared a video on her social media account in which her baby girl, PJ, is featured. She’s crawling on the floor, and fans are in love with her.


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