Porsha Williams Says She Fears For Daughter's Future Amid Fight 'For Humanity'

Porsha Williams Says She Fears For Daughter's Future Amid Fight 'For Humanity'
Credit: Source: bravotv.com

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star opened up about the current Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd by a cop. That being said, Porsha Williams shared her own experience being part of the crowd fighting for change.

But that is not all! The reality TV celeb also got candid about fearing for her baby daughter, Pilar’s future that is, as far as she is concerned, ‘on the line’ at this crucial time.

While on Us Weekly’s ‘Hot Hollywood’ podcast, Porsha stated that: ‘For me, my life is … It is no more important than my brothers and sisters. It is no more important than anyone.’

She went on to mention her 14 month old daughter.

The celeb confessed that she really worries a lot for her future in this unfair world.

‘My child’s future is on the line. … I really fear for her future, fear for her life and living in her own black skin. I fear for my other future children. I fear for my family members and even people who I do not even know. I didn't know George Floyd personally, but I'm African American just as he is. He's my brother. At this moment we all, across the world, we are fighting for humanity.’

She continued: ‘We want injustice to come to an end. And the people who have put this system together to systematically have racism against African-Americans, they are the ones to dismantle it.’

Porsha also talked about being part of the manifestations taking place in Atlanta, saying that she did it to stand by her ‘brothers and sisters’ and, of course, because she also wants to see a change being made.

She then addressed the video of George Floyd getting killed in broad daylight by a police officer who was meant to protect and serve, saying that it made her feel a lot of pain.

The star mentioned that she wants to use all the influence she has as a famous person to help those who don’t have her platform or voice.


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