Porsha Williams Reveals 'What They Really Fear' - Check Out The Video

Porsha Williams Reveals 'What They Really Fear' - Check Out The Video
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Porsha Williams shared a really powerful video on her social media account and triggered fans in the comments. They are expressing their opinions on the whole movements that are going on lately in the US.

Someone said: 'I love this concept, but I wish this weren’t Recorded for all to see. There are some things I feel we need to do in silence without the watchful eyes of our enemies.'

A follower said: 'This is good but it shouldn’t be televised it’s better to operate in secret.'

Another commenter wrote: 'I like the idea of protecting our black queens, but we’re more empowered and undefeated when we have their support and respect. Most black women put us down and they’re quick to call the police when there’s a mere misunderstanding.'

Someone else said: 'I don’t know about the rest but I want to submit to THIS!' and one other follower said: 'A powerful video absolutely loved it and what a beautiful black man!'

One commenter wrote: 'This is what these male celebrities need to focus on and go find this guy he has spoken on it all yessss lordddddd he can help wake the spirits up in our black men we can't keep stay woke they need a strong trained leader this guy need to be all over IG.'

Someone else said: Yes...we cannot be afraid. We all have to be leaders and know when to stand down and most importantly when and how to stand up without fear. I can't promise it's easy, but I do promise, we will be respected as blacks together (no matter how far we are).'

Other than this, Porsha shared an emotional message in order to honor the late Oluwatoyin Salau. Her fans were impressed to tears and they sent their love in the comments section.

‘Just reading about how much she gave while having so much being taken away is 💔 Still fighting for our rights during her storm…What a sad ending to what could have been a beautiful story! Thank you selfless Queen ✊🏾👑 Rest in power #OluwatoyinSalau.'

Fans appreciated that Porsha posted her on her platform.

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