Porsha Williams Reveals The Most Powerful Natural Immune Enhancers

Porsha Williams Reveals The Most Powerful Natural Immune Enhancers
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Porsha Williams revealed some natural solutions for boosting the immune system for her fans. Check out the message that she shared amidst the fears and panic that have been triggered by the COVID-19 and its rapid spread all over the world.

'While y’all buying up all the tissue & water grab these !! F O R T I F Y💪🏾 F$*K Corona via: @vintage_vegan_' Porsha captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I was just thinking about this. While they are pushing a vaccine... no one in the media is talking about natural fruits and veggies... exercising or anything to build your own immunity up.'

A follower said that they have 'Been taking back seed oil for months now it helps with weight loss also...'

A follower agreed with Porsha and said: 'Exactly!! Staying healthy & was cleaning & washing your hands should NOT be new!! If it is, then that's just NASTY!!'

Someone else posted this: 'I eat my elderberry chewies every morning!!!'

A commenter said: 'And if you don't have the funds to get all that eat you a piece of garlic every day should be in your fridge,' and one other follower posted this: 'Black seed oil is my go-to, the taste is 🥴 , but it gets the job done.'

One follower wrote: 'I’ve been taking black seed oil for years, even wash with a black seed soap. Good stuff.'

A person believes that 'Even a strong immune system hasn't got the antibodies to this virus, yes get stronger but also follow the restrictions. I live in Italy, and there are about 40 young patients with no preconditions in intensive care.'

Someone came up with this idea: 'Also add a multivitamin and vitamin C should be people everyday essential too just saying,' and another follower said: '@porsha4real this is what I've been saying fight it from the inside!!'

Do you know any natural recipes for boosting immunity? Feel free to share them if you want.

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