Porsha Williams Reveals Her First Book - Check Out Her Announcement

Porsha Williams Reveals Her First Book - Check Out Her Announcement
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Porsha Williams just revealed the fact that she has her very first book on its way to readers. Her fans could not be prouder of her as you will see below.

'This has been a long time coming🥺❤️🙏🏾....excited to finally announce I am working on my first BOOK!!! Publisher: @hachetteus @Faithwordsbooks 🙌🏾Visit @people site for article! "I am more than a soundbite or a headline or a rumor," she continues. "I'm a strong Black woman who has triumphed over adversity and owned every single one of my mistakes. My story is a journey of passion, faith, and discovery."-Porsha Williams #ThePursuitofPorsha,' Porsha captioned her post.

The message that the RHOA star posted triggered some interesting reactions.

For instance, someone said: 'Why can't you just be a strong woman? White women don't say I'm a strong white woman! Why does race have to be a part of everything? No wonder there is always a divide.'

A follower posted this: 'you need to listen to other people’s experiences and maybe even read this book. It will give you insight into all these questions you’re asking.'

Someone else wrote: 'also, there’s no “playing victim” going on, there’s a fight against police violence. If you haven’t been violently attacked by police in your life for no reason but assumptions made based on your skin color, you lack understanding of the situation. I can see you’re upset, this comes from a life spent in the relative comfort of white skin where you are not a target of this violence and suddenly having that bubble burst and your lack of action and understanding challenged. It’s not your “fault”, but this comfort means you can do nothing while others are suffering. When this is called out it naturally causes upset. This is one example of white fragility. If you want to grow, look it up listen and learn. If not, stop 🛑 speaking over the experiences of people still under threat and actual physical violence and attack.'

A fan praised Porsha and said this: 'That's how you do it @porsha4real I'm proud of you girl!'

In other news, Porsha Williams ‘ latest post on her social media account has fans excited. She’s advertising some gorgeous hair, and the ladies are right here for it.

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