Porsha Williams’ Recent BLM Post Is Seen As Controversial By Some – See The Reactions She Got: ‘Stick To What You Are – Privileged!’

Porsha Williams’ Recent BLM Post Is Seen As Controversial By Some – See The Reactions She Got: ‘Stick To What You Are – Privileged!’
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Porsha Williams shared a Black Lives Matter post that became viral on social media. You can see her controversial photo below.

This triggered various reactions and some people said that there are important people who have been killed as well, but they are not featured in the image. See her post that she shared on her IG account below.

A follower said: 'You are not their mouthpiece! You do know the officers and innocent people got killed as well. So please stop! Stop! Go back to Dish. Stick to what you are. Privileged! Your life is that!'

Someone slammed the follower above and said: 'get a life! Find someone else's page to comment on with your bigotry.. We are ALL their voices. We as a black community are speaking for the lifeless that died at the hands of "cops".. Now that I have gathered you why dont you go back under the rock from which you came.'

Another commenter had a few words for the person who wrote the message above and said: 'Try to find some peace in your life and let love come in and heal you. Hate is a killer and it typically catches up with the person spewing it. Don’t give in to it.'

One follower wrote: 'I agree with you on the aspect of Porsha giving her opinions, however, it was not necessary to tell the woman to go drink and eat those foods. I took it as a form of stereotyping a white woman, which is a form of racism. As you would too take offense if someone told you to eat something stereotypical with your race. We all need to work together to help our fellow brothers and sisters.'

One RHOA fan posted this message: 'I hope RHOA shows more of your activism work in future seasons!!!' and a follower wrote: 'Wow and think about how many it really is ones we don’t know about 🤦🏾‍♀️ this hurts my heart.'

A commenter said: 'Porsha I love what you are doing but can you also start looking and speaking on the relationship black people have with the white man's religion, we need to stop praying to white Jesus... that was forced on us during slavery and white Jesus is probably why psychologically blacks people don’t physically fight back because on a subconscious level because of Jesus we see the white man as God... change is needed on a number of levels sis if we truly want our people to be ‘woke’.'

Porsha was one of the people who got tear-gassed during the protests, but she remains committed to getting justice for the victims of police brutality and hopes the same can be said about everyone else.

She is inviting people to protest but peacefully without any violence or looting.

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