Porsha Williams Raises Awareness About What's Happening In Nigeria

Porsha Williams Raises Awareness About What's Happening In Nigeria
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Porsha Williams shared a post on her social media account with which she wants to raise awareness about the current situation in Nigeria. Check out her post below.

'Police brutality. Leaders are refusing to address us, the people. Nigerian youth are exercising their right to protest against senseless killings and bad governance,' someone posted.

Another follower said: 'Only a hand full of celebs have given this any attention. Good to see you've added to that list. You’re always on the ball, and it’s not unnoticed.'

Someone else posted this: 'What about us one thing at a time it’s happening to us rite HERE I love you P, and I know you down for the cause, but we got the same-ish going on right here.'

Another follower said: 'Thank you, Porsha, for using your platform to raise awareness. This injustice has been going on for way too long!!! #endsarsbrutality!!'

Someone else posted: 'Thank you, Porsha, for the support. You are amazing.'

A fan wrote this message, explaining the situation in Nigeria: 'Porsha, a special unit of the police called SARS (special anti-robbery squad) go about profiling, kidnapping and killing young people! Young men in particular in dreadlocks, tattoo, with an iPhone, laptop, fancy cars are automatically labeled criminals arrested and beaten up. Your family would have to pay for u to be released, and some get killed for resisting. 💔💔💔 #sarsmustend.'

A commenter wrote: 'Thank you, @porsha4real, for using your platform to lend your voice. The men of SARS have killed more people than the armed robbers. The intimidation has gotten out of hand.'

Someone else said: 'Thank u @porsha4real. I’m pained my country is bleeding in agony.'

In other news, recently, Porsha shared a piece of advice about happiness with her fans. 

Porsha also continues to flood her social media account with all kinds of pics from Cynthia Bailey ‘s wedding. The truth is that she definitely looked stunning in her black, amazing dress.

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