Porsha Williams Quotes Michelle Obama And Fans Completely Agree With Her

Porsha Williams Quotes Michelle Obama And Fans Completely Agree With Her
Credit: BET

Porsha Williams shared a quote by Michelle Obama on her social media account,, and her followers appreciate it. They made sure to tell Porsha in the comments that she's right, and they even came up with some motivational messages themselves.

Someone said: 'You are the person I admire most you taught me about planting food to eat and I admire you the most and you are the one I would like to be mentored so the guy first thank you missy Michelle have a blessed God blessed New Year.'

Another follower posted this; 'Find yourself and GOD will make u better, people dont hold any more or any less power than u.'

A fan told Porsha: 'That’s why you should run away from Nene.... at fast Pace.'

Someone else commented: 'AMEN to that @porsha4real .......often times it, not family or friends that make you Better but God, and him alone.'

Another backer told the RHOA star that 'I’m hunting em down! Today I was reflecting and thought to myself, “losing negative people will make you realize how they were affecting your life in areas you didn’t even realize” it’s hard to accept, but it’s always the first step in moving on with your life. ♥️♥️♥️'

One other follower wrote: 'Yessss. People that will enhance your spirit... not hinder your spirit.'

Someone else said: 'Yes, I am learning this the hard way, spent too much time w people who brought me down-new beginnings.'

One commenter posted this: 'And that's Happy People being around happiness is the best kind of people uplifting people motivation people but it's not stressful for people.'

In other news, Porsha made headlines after her fiance, Dennis McKinley was spotted out with four women . The video was exclusively obtained by RadarOnline.com.⠀

'He came in with four beautiful women,' a spy witness told Radar about spotting Porsha’s fiance out on the town in the middle of the night.⠀


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