Porsha Williams Proudly Announced The 'Work Done' Music Video

Porsha Williams Proudly Announced The 'Work Done' Music Video
Credit: BabyGaga

Porsha Williams has been working at a surprise and did not tell her fans what it was about until the other day when she shared a video. She proudly announced fans that the Work Done video has just been released.

'TODAY IS THE DAY! SO EXCITED to release “Work Done” the music video we did with @FiberOne who’s also had some #WorkDone – they look better than ever before- and I mean, who doesn’t want to celebrate a brownie that’s 70 calories?! Watch the video at the link in my bio. #Ad,' Porsha captioned her video.

Someone said, 'How do you share? I’m living for this!! Good job lady’s!! Saw an interview today saying, “ wow they can sing, guess they do have talent.” Duuuhh lol 😂'

Another follower posted: 'Yaaas Porsha! You carried that whole video! Serving up beauty & glam! Gorgeous!'

One other commenter wrote: 'The video was actually cute and catchy. Y'all did a good job. I kinda want to try one now.'

Someone else said, 'You are such a beautiful woman Porsha.'

A follower said: 'Okay, Charlie’s Angels. Or better yet, Andy’s Angels... yassss! This is HOT 🔥🔥🔥'

Someone believes that Porsha is giving Beyonce vibes: 'Yesssssss 🔥 @porsha4real @fiberone - let me go get my snacks 😫😫😫 #Beyonce vibes all over.'

Other than this, Porsha is making efforts to convince her fans that her daughter looks like her.

People kept telling the RHOA star that her girl is definitely her daddy’s twin and since then, Porsha has been trying to  show fans that PJ is looking like her  as well.


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