Porsha Williams Praises Stacey Abrams In An Emotional Message - Check It Out Here

Porsha Williams Praises Stacey Abrams In An Emotional Message - Check It Out Here
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Porsha Williams is another celebrity who is praising Stacey Abrams . Check out the emotional message that she shared on her social media account below.

'Remember when people said that she wasn’t qualified to be governor despite having multiple degrees and political experience while a reality tv show star occupied the White House? Remember when people dragged her and called her selfish because she didn’t want to run for Senator after losing the Governors race in GA? Instead, she said that she was going to start her own organization to help fix the gross voter suppression in GA that cost her the election. People said that she was self-serving and a sore loser,' Porsha began her message.

She said that 'Two years later here we are watching her work unfold in real-time as we see the tremendous black voter turnout in GA which has been monumental.'

Check out Porsha's entire message in the caption below:

Someone said: 'Well written, you’ve come along way I’ve enjoyed watching you grow thanks for sharing.'

A commenter posted this: 'This woman is a living legend. Put up a statue of her and let every future generation know her name.'

Someone else said: 'Yep. And they better have a job waiting on her at the White House too,' and a follower posted: 'She delivered Georgia, God is in control she will have a bigger position for sure AG or SCOTUS.🙏🏾💙'

One impressed person said this: 'Tears are welling up in my eyes as I read this, it feels so good to know that all the pain our people endured wasn't for nothing ...we are finally arriving... we have arrived!!!!!!!!!!👏'


In other news, Porsha Williams  is making her fans’ day with a video featuring her baby girl, PJ.

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