Porsha Williams Praises Activists And Their Fights - See Her Video

Porsha Williams Praises Activists And Their Fights - See Her Video
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Porsha Williams is praising activists and their fight for freedom. Check out the video that she just shared on her social media account that triggered a massive debate in the comments.

'Exactly! People are celebrating a Chinese Victory; they own Biden. It's marxism folks,' a follower said and was bashed by lots of people.

Another commenter posted this: 'The fight to remove trump was more about having the ability to even have a seat at the table to fight! With Trump, there wasn't even a table to have a seat at.'

Someone else said: 'I had said this often it doesn’t matter who is the administration we as the people still have work today-things got out control because we sat back and expected someone else to come and fix our problems-It’s time to get back to basics-I remember a time when our community was our responsibility- Let’s get back to that!! It’s all hands on deck for the next 4 years-it’s going to take all us the American people supporting President #joebiden and vote #kamalaharris in order to create that better future we want to achieve for our kids. ❤️✊🏾❤️✊🏻✊🏾.'

A follower posted this message: 'She is absolutely correct! It’s just beginning...'

Someone else said: 'Now, this is the way it was when we were out here in thesestreets!....No promoting of self, no fostering private agendas.. Everybody was just head-on, full force make this happen...'

A fan wrote: 'We say this while Joe Biden built the prisons for Kamela Harris to fill up for cheap labour. Look up all the things that are still in Walmart alone that are made by prisoners. This whole election was a joke again. We only care when it affects us or when it’s trending. I’ll wait for this to start treading 10 later again. We say black lives matter but advocate for people who didn’t feel that same way which dismisses the people who suffered under their wrongdoings. It’s like seeing black celebrities say black lives matter but spend money in Dubai, a modern city that was built off of modern-day slavery. 🤦🏿‍♂️'

One other follower said: 'I don’t live in America, but I’ll keep fighting him with prayers. GOD IS WORKING ❤️'

Someone posted this message: 'Change I think won't take place until someone understands that the constitutional amendment was not written in favour of our people. The constitutional amendment backs the judicial system, court systems which protect the most racist organization out there, the police department. Until someone understands that and challenge the constitutional amendment, there will not be a permanent change for the black, brown race, etc..#PERIOD.'


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