Porsha Williams Posts Cute And Funny Pic Of ‘Baby Boss’ PJ!

Porsha Williams Posts Cute And Funny Pic Of ‘Baby Boss’ PJ!
Credit: Source: babygaga.com

Porsha Williams took to social media to share yet another cute picture of her baby daughter, Pilar Jhena and she pointed out that she looked like the ‘Boss Baby,’ or even ‘The Godfather’ in the snap. The infant surely seemed ‘wise’ and all-powerful, much to the amusement of her mom and her followers.

Seeing the face little PJ made, Porsha just couldn’t help but take a picture!

While in her car seat, the 3 month old baby looked serious and thoughtful, reminding her mom of The Godfather.

That being said, upon sharing the snap with her fans, Porsha poked fun at the resemblance to the iconic character.

She wrote in the caption: ‘Peace Be unto you 🙏🏾. #WiseBaby, #BabyBoss and #GodFather.’

It seems like PJ keeps being compared to other people, be it fictional characters or her parents.

Just yesterday, Porsha shared another picture that was later reposted by her dad, the reality TV star’s ex, Dennis McKinley, in order to point out the features he passed on to their daughter.

That being said, the man drew a couple of red arrows pointing to her eyebrows and dimples and even wrote in the caption that he gave her those while the rest of the face is all from her mom.

But his followers disagreed, saying Pilar is a hundred percent her dad’s twin.

Now, after the hilarious Godfather pic, people proceeded to once again argue that she looks just like her father.

‘She is her daddy twin!!!!’ / ‘She is her Dad’s twin. She looks so much like him. Too Cute,’ a couple of fans commented.

At this point, it’s pretty obvious that people can’t get over the uncanny resemblance of the dad and daughter.


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