Porsha Williams Poses With Her Niece, Baleigh And Fans Cannot Believe How Much She's Grown

Porsha Williams Poses With Her Niece, Baleigh And Fans Cannot Believe How Much She's Grown
Credit: BET

Porsha Williams made her fans happy when she shared a photo with her niece, Baleigh, on her social media account. This is her sister, Lauren Williams' daughter, just in case you didn't know.

A follower gushed over the young lady and said: 'Lauren made such a beautiful child,' while another follower also praised her: 'Love that smile beautiful Baleigh.'

Someone else teased Porsha and told her that her own daughter, PJ definitely looks like her hubby, Dennis McKinley: 'Porsha..you already know Pilar is Dennis all over...Baby girls usually favor their dads...and vice versa.'

A shocked fan was surprised by how much Baileigh had grown: 'Wait is that baby from the show when you wanted a baby, so you decided to baby - omg if so wow she’s gotten so big, and she’s beautiful @porsha4real.'

Someone praised Porsha and said: 'Porsha, you are so beautiful. Love you. Heaven bless you,' while another follower gushed over Baleigh: 'Baleigh is so cute! Please start showing more pictures of her.'

A fan told Porsha that she is their favorite star from the RHOA series: 'Porsha your my fav, you are real, honest, kind, and never throw shade. Oh yeah, and the prettiest in all the franchises.'

One other Instagrammer posted this: 'She is so cute. Reminds me of Raven Simone back in the day when she appeared on The Cosby Show as a little girl go back and look at her pictures Lauren daughter is so precious cute and adorable. 🤗'

In other news, it's been reported earlier that Andy Cohen revealed that Porsha was almost fired following her first season on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and as it turns out, she was not surprised when Andy Cohen revealed that specific detail.

You should check out what an insider had to say about the issue and why Porsha was not shocked that Andy did this.


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