Porsha Williams Open To Having Her Wedding Televised

Porsha Williams Open To Having Her Wedding Televised
Credit: Source: bravotv.com

Fans of RHOA know that Porsha Williams and her fiancé Dennis McKinley are now the proud parents of an adorable baby girl! That being said, they are looking forward to another big step in their relationship and that is, of course, their wedding day!

Apparently, the pair is planning on saying ‘I do’ in a romantic New Year’s Eve ceremony!

It may seem like it’s a long time until the winter comes again, but no time is ever enough when it comes to planning a wedding!

As you remember, Dennis and Porsha got engaged back in October and have not done any planning for the big day because they needed to focus on the pregnancy instead.

Their daughter, who they named Pilar Jhena was born on March 22 and now that she is here, Porsha is trying to deal with the wedding preparations while settling into motherhood as well.

And fans should be looking forward to the special day too since she would apparently be all for the wedding being televised as part of a Bravo special as it happened with her pregnancy.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Porsha and Dennis are super excited to get married on New Year’s Eve and they're really open to having it televised as well. She had a great experience doing her RHOA spin-off Porsha’s Having A Baby and she is also excited for it to premiere on April 28.’

‘She loved being pregnant, she cannot wait to relieve it all over again, with baby PJ in her arms instead of her belly. Porsha's truly living a dream right now and she feels like her life just keeps getting better,’ they added.


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