Porsha Williams' Niece, Baleigh Is A Whole Mood In The Latest Photos

Porsha Williams' Niece, Baleigh Is A Whole Mood In The Latest Photos
Credit: Source: bet.com

Porsha Williams' niece, Baleigh is the cutest girl. She's Lauren Williams' daughter, and Porsha is simply in love with her.

She posts her on IG every time she gets the chance, and she just shared some fresh photos with the beautiful girl.

'My niece is a real-life doll ❤️ Precious Bales 💋 @lodwill,' Porsha captioned her post which includes more pics.

Someone loves that Porsha adores kids and said '@porsha4real I’m enjoying how in love with children u are right now cherishing that new bundle of joy you guys have & block out the rest.'

Another commenter posted 'Omg she is gorgeous just like mommy & auntie,' while a fan was shocked by how much Baleigh has grown already: 'Omg!! When did she get so big!? She was justtttt a little baby like yesterday! She's a pretty little girl!'

A supporter said 'Dayum, is that your sister... daughter? If so, omg ...she was just a baby 5days ago,😂😂 she's a #cutiepatootie !!'

Porsha has been living her best life since she gave birth and fans cannot wait to see more pics with her and Dennis McKinley's daughter, PJ as well.

She has already shared a photo, but the baby's face was not revealed yet.

Other than this, Porsha has been feuding with NeNe Leakes online , and there were some things said by both women that have been pretty unpleasant.

Their feud got even worse, and the reality TV stars continue to make public some of the texts they have been sending one another this past week.


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