Porsha Williams Makes Her Mom Cry Tears Of Joy With This Surprise - Check Out Her Video

Porsha Williams Makes Her Mom Cry Tears Of Joy With This Surprise - Check Out Her Video

Porsha Williams surprised her gorgeous mom with the best surprise. She gave her the most beautiful bouquet or flowers but it has a catch. Check out the video to see for yourself!

Porsha told her mom that she just wanted to thank her for being here for her at all times.

'Mother’s Day everyday love you so much, mommy! #JustBecause #ThankYou @msdianeofficial Thanks @misslaurenw for taking time to wrap these 20 roses twice for me with hundreds. She had to do it twice because mommy normally doesn’t have on makeup while helping take care of PJ ... so we finally had to trick her and say we were doing a video for her new ig page😂😂📸' Porsha captioned her post on IG.

Porsha said a while ago that she managed to convince her mom that she should get an IG page.

Someone told her 'Porsha Buns 😩😩😩 were so distracting.. The baby did that body good ❤️❤️❤️😩😍'

Another follower gushed over Porsha's relationship with her mom: 'Love the mother-daughter relationship, how sweet Porsha.'

One fan posted: 'She said “What’s all that?!” the EXACT same way you said “Who said that?!” on the show 😂😂'

Someone else loves how happy Porsha's mom is: 'Sweetest thing ever. I love how appreciative your mother is❤️❤️❤️'

A commenter gushed over Porsha and said 'Porsha you are The Sweetest Daughter and you are most definitely going to be The Best Mother for Beautiful PJ. You are such a Happy and Fun Person. I Love you and Dennis as a couple. Don't let him get away Girl. Cuz he's gonna be The Best Father to PJ. #blacklove.'

Porsha just celebrated two months since baby PJ came into the world and she made sure to give fans a bunch of amazing new pics with Pilar.

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