Porsha Williams Makes Her Fans Laugh Like There's No Tomorrow With This Video Featuring Kanye West

Porsha Williams Makes Her Fans Laugh Like There's No Tomorrow With This Video Featuring Kanye West
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Porsha Williams makes her fans laugh with this video that she recently shared on her social media account. Her followers appreciated the fact that she brings a bit of joy in their lives during these harsh times that we are currently living.

You can also check out the video that Porsha shared below. Kanye West is featured in the clip as well.

'I can’t breathe 😭😂 *Jokes y’all sit down somewhere .... oh and I noticed dudes from jewelry commercial upfront apart of choir.. cool,' Porsha captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Come back singing “never would’ve made it"' and another follower posted this: 'My anxiety would have been through the roof all that are rocking and shaking.'

One commenter wrote the following message: 'All jokes aside.... They ate this up,' and a fan posted: 'Chile ...these flights be more like .99 cents.'

Someone else said: 'Y’all flying away from the coronavirus or what??😂😂' and another follower was laughing hard in the comments and posted this message: 'Girl! 😂 These jokes have me dead. I’m going to send you this graduation one my friend made. 😂'

Porsha is trying hard to remain optimistic these days, and she wants to make her fans and followers smile as well.

It really seems that she is doing a great job.

Recently, Porsha also made her fans excited when she shared some immunity boosters .

The RHOA star revealed some natural solutions for boosting the immune system for her fans.

She shared a message that she shared amidst the fears and panic that have been triggered by the COVID-19 and its rapid spread all over the world.

Other than this, Porsha is definitly living her best life together with her family. Fans love the fact that she and Dennis McKinley are trying to make things work in their relationship.

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