Porsha Williams Made An Important Decision For Her Body And She's Sharing It With Fans

Porsha Williams Made An Important Decision For Her Body And She's Sharing It With Fans
Credit: BET

Porsha Williams is living her best life while on vacay with Dennis McKinley, Tanya Sam , and more friends. She has been keeping her fans updated with all kinds of pics and clips on her social media account from their fantastic vacay.

Now, she has an announcement to make for her fans, and she posted this new post on IG regarding a decision that she made:

'Starting Keto tomorrow. I’m finally ready to lose some of this baby weight. Not because I don’t like being thick as cold grits 😂but because I wanna feel more comfortable in my clothes, oh and I hate sucking in which I’m very good at lol I’m also going to do intermittent fasting.... sooo wish me luck & good luck to all of you guys if you’re getting it together as well. #Selfcare #9monthspostpardum Ps: What can I drink besides water & almond milk ????? I need my liquids,' Porsha captioned her post.

Fans shared all kinds of opinions in the comments section.

Someone said: 'Powerade Zero is for real the best! Crystal light, all flavors soda water, unsweet tea, diet sodas.'

Another follower posted this: 'Get it girl! Focus on a couple of small sustainable changes at a time, you have a great long term plan set up, eat the elephant one bite at a time.'

One commenter said: 'The Lord knew I needed to see this post to stay motivated. I started on Keto and Intermittent Fasting not too long ago. So far so good. But since I'm up late, I just want to eat out of boredom lol.'

Someone else told Porsha: 'I’ve lost 100 w keto. ♥️ Changed my life ❤️ DONT buy all the hype products. Keep it simple or you’ll get overwhelmed and give up. You got this!!!!!'

Do you have some advice for Porsha in this new quest of hers?


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