Porsha Williams Looks Terrific In New Bathing Suit Photos With Baby PJ And Pens Beautiful Message That Uplifts Mothers

Porsha Williams Looks Terrific In New Bathing Suit Photos With Baby PJ And Pens Beautiful Message That Uplifts Mothers
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Porsha Williams, of The Real Housewives of Atlanta fame, had a little time over the weekend to take on a hater who told her to cover up because her belly is too big right now to wear a bikini.

The TV host and businesswoman gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl four months ago via c-section, and the troll dared to tell her to shed the weight before having some fun and living her best life.

The fiancée of Dennis McKinley gave the clap-back of the year, and she is being applauded.

One mother told Porsha: "Everyone’s perception of “reality” is so warped! Ugh. I hope to look as good as you after I have some little ones. Keep posting beautiful pics mama.. we’ll keep on loving them! 😍❤️🙌🏾 #hatersgonnahate @porsha4real."

This person told her she looked terrific and added: "You look terrific, sis! Chase is eight months, and I still haven’t felt like working out. It’s no rush. You’re right! You have to let your body heal. Every post-baby body is different, and that’s what makes us unique. 😘😘😘"

Another commenter wrote: "Thank you for speaking on this , I see this every day when I style women that are going back to work and they are so insecure, and I always have to remind them it took their temple 40 weeks to make a Miracle / a whole human give your self at least 40 weeks to adjust back it’s only logical 🙌🏼"

This person explained: "What exactly does she need to cover up?! She pushed a whole human out and still looks tf good 😍😍 ❤️❤️. Chile, you look amterrificHell, my stomach is more significant than that after two slices of pizza."

A fifth comment read: "Ughh half of what we see in this world is edited! Social media has brainwashed ppl to think you can have a perfect life .. thanks for speaking up when we have children our bodies go through changes REAL CHANGES! And if we’re not careful we will be carrying everyone else’s insecurities on Shaking back extremely fast and trying to be perfect ! .. Ugh this generation has Lost Authenticity .. people say they want real, but when you present it to them they would rather have an edited version of you ... ❗️❗️ keep Shining Stay inspiring ❤️ @porsha4real."

Porsha should be left alone on this matter.

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