Porsha Williams Looks Gorgeous And Radiant With Her Dish Nation Team

Porsha Williams Looks Gorgeous And Radiant With Her Dish Nation Team
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Porsha Williams just celebrated her sister's the gorgeous girl’s birthday , and in order to mark her third anniversary, Porsha shared some lovely pics and a video with the baby girl.

Lauren William's daughter looks gorgeous, and it's no surprise that Porsha is so in love with her. Fans have been telling her to be patient because she will soon have her very own baby girl.

She's supposed to give birth soon, and fans are getting more and more excited.

Porsha shared a photo from work with the Dish Nation crew, and she looks terrific. Check out the photo below.

'Crew love !! We all happen to wear red and black today! Catch @dishnation Mon-Friday! Check local listing,' Porsha captioned the photo.

Someone commented 'Great team!! Keep up the good work!!👍 Dish Nation we love all of you... If you see my pic, I could be on your team!!😃'

Another follower said that they could not wait to meet Porsha's baby: 'Hello guys looking, good ❤️ Love, you Porsha and hurry up and have the baby😃'

One fan also gushed over the Dish Nation team: 'I must say I really do love watching y’all on @dishnation ... it’s just always funny & very entertaining!'

Another commenter brought up RHOA and said 'So I was watching the episode with you guys in Tokyo and I think your next trip should be to Iceland. It’s wonderful and beautiful, and there is sooo much to do ... including see the northern lights!'

We're also getting eager to meet Porsha's baby, and we know she'll make the best mom.

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