Porsha Williams' Latest Videos With The New Family Addition Worry Fans

Porsha Williams' Latest Videos With The New Family Addition Worry Fans
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Porsha Williams recently got the best present from her fiance , Dennis McKinley. She was so happy to receive a cute little pup that she has been showing off on social media ever since.

But the latest two videos that Porsha posted with her doggy have fans worried. Check them out.

'Yooo why Ms. Parker already this spoiled ???‍♀️ Lawd BabyPJ gone run this house too ... I’m moving Dennis you got it ?? #PuppyParkerMckinely @pamperedbyporsha #Swipe. *Shes ok y’all check my stories,' Porsha captioned her post which includes two cute videos.

Someone commented 'She is adorable, no baths yet. Just wipe her down and I am concern about ger energy level. Please have her checked out. I have a Yorkie Poo who looked just like her as a puppy.'

Another follower also seemed worried that the pooch is sick: '@porsha4real, please get her checked out... you have some vet’s in comments indicating could be the puppy's sugar being low please do something.'

One person said 'She said no ma, rub my stomach an let me sleep. My Yorkie be lazy sometimes, and they do need a lot of hours of sleep as babies.'

One fan wrote '@porsha4real get your puppy checked out she may be sick, I'm praying he not.'

A commenter has an explanation for the dog's tired state: 'Actually, Puppy Yorkies Sleep Up To 18 Hours As Infants Don’t Worry As She Gets Older Shell Be Much More Energetic Trust Me I Have One In He Was Just Like That. ???'

When she received the dog from her fiance, Porsha said 'Dennis totally shocked me because recently my dog Neko passed away ?and he told me it best we wait until baby gets here to get another one. So for him to walk in with her was so special ☺️#ItsaGirl #Morkie’


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  • Jaye2
    Jaye2 Nov 28, 2018 12:35 PM PST

    Please get the Lil pokie to the vet Porsha!!! Unless Dennis has receipts of the vet records for immunization.

  • Angelfrmla
    Angelfrmla Nov 28, 2018 6:42 AM PST

    Yep somethg is wrong with Parker my daughter had w yorkie name Kali and she was doing same the falling over took her to get and she had a liver disease it was causing her to go blind also having seizures we had to put her to sleep at 11weeks old

    • Alexis Stone
      Alexis Stone Nov 28, 2018 8:52 AM PST

      I'm very sorry for your loss :(

  • Sheila Williams
    Sheila Williams Nov 28, 2018 6:08 AM PST

    Hope Parker has passed the "parvo" stage.....

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