Porsha Williams' Latest Message Has Fans Saying She Blessed Their Timeline

Porsha Williams' Latest Message Has Fans Saying She Blessed Their Timeline
Credit: BET

Porsha Williams posted a message on her social media account and fans tell her that they needed to read such comforting words. Check out the post Porsha shared on IG.

Someone said: 'The evangelist is preaching!! #amen.'

Another follower posted: 'Amen! That’s call karma. Also, the saying 'don’t do a ditch for me because they will fall in it first!''

Another person gushed over Porsha's post: 'Porsha, you've blessed my timeline. So true. In fact, that's my story👏'

One follower said: 'Now you preaching!!!!!!!! This is the Story of my life.'

A fan said: '@porsha4real baby daddy said we must come to your page and tell you he looooves you!!!😂😍😍😍check his story.'

One other commenter posted: '@porsha4real you’ve been dropping nuggets!! Keep using your platform to bless, lift and encourage others; it’s refreshing and a reflection of God!!!!'

Porsha posted some brand new pics on her social media account featuring her daughter Pilar Jhena McKinley and her great grandmother.

Fans were gushing over PJ’s sweet mouth and they were amused by the fact that Porsha said PJ already has a little pout.

Porsha has also recently made her fans gush over her in the comments section when she shared a few new pics.

She put all her best assets on display while showing off her hourglass figure.

Porsha was wearing a gorgeous nude skin-tight dress which totally complimented her.


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