Porsha Williams Is Proud To Introduce One Of Her Satisfied Customers To Fans

Porsha Williams Is Proud To Introduce One Of Her Satisfied Customers To Fans
Credit: BET

Porsha Williams could not be happier when she sees people purchasing her 'Pampered by Porsha' line of sheets. She's been advertising these products for her fans for a really long time now and she's always happy to receive feedback.

A lot of people who are buying her line of sheets are really happy with what they get, and they always make sure to praise her in the comments.

Now, Porsha decided to re-post what a happy customer posted on their own social media account. Check out Porsha's recent post below.

'@PamperedByPorsha .com Satisfied Customer!! Repost: Just a completely random & useless selfie during this quarantine! Oh and my pretty sheets are from @pamperedbyporsha. More than Porsha’s super cute colors, you literally feel like you’re sleeping on clouds. Will definitely buy a few more sets - surrounding yourself with pretty colors brightens the mood during this dark time. #blissfullysinglebean #quarantinelife #Repost @blissfullysinglebean,' Porsha wrote.

Lots of satisfied customers hopped in the comments and praised Porsha's merch.

Someone said: 'Received mine last week the brown color ordered a new mattress can’t wait,' and another follower posted the following message: 'I got my Pampered sheets today. I got the Egg Plant color, I love them. I will order another color soon.'

One other follower wrote: 'Now this girl is so pretty simple no makeup a real woman just beautiful no filters a real woman.'

Another happy fan exclaimed: 'Porsha! You are doing your thing sis. I love it boo. I swear you’re my BFF in my head. Get the bag sis!!! Ayyyyy.'

Someone else said: 'We gave an honorable mention to @pamperedbyporsha @gonakedhair @dishnation @pilarjhena. In Your theme Song!'

In other news, Porsha made her fans laugh when she shared a video on her social media account in which she’s asking Dennis McKinley how her cookies are, and his answer has her fuming.

You should definitely check out the clip  to see her reaction when Dennis had his comment about the cookies.


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