Porsha Williams Is Proud Of Dennis McKinley Following This Huge Achievement

Porsha Williams Is Proud Of Dennis McKinley Following This Huge Achievement
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Porsha Williams is on a fantastic vacay with Dennis McKinley and their pals. She's been sharing jaw-dropping pics and clips from the gorgeous locations, and fans cannot have enough of them.

Now, she shared a few pics and videos in which she and Dennis went snorkeling! She could not be prouder of Dennis after saying that he managed to overcome his fear of being completely submerged in water.

'🤯😱Snorkeling in Jamaica! I’m so proud of Dennis he totally conquered his fear of being submerged in water. He wouldn’t even get into the pool here in Atlanta at a birthday party and now look at him snorkeling with the rest of us in this big ocean! 🌊 #Goodtimes #MindOverMatter #Fearless2020 #ProudWifey #YOLO,' Porsha captioned her post.

Porsha's sister, Lauren Williams, hopped in the comments and said the following: 'I’m also afraid of being submerged in water when u put it like that.'

Tanya Sam, who is also on the trip, said: 'This was amazing!!! I can’t believe he did it!!!! Fear is real for someone who can’t swim and he conquered it 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 That’s major'

Fans and followers are happy to see Porsha and Dennis together and happy like this.

Someone said: 'Happiness looks great on you two. Blessings to you guys!!!! #staytogether.'

One other follower posted this: 'I so love your guys. Even though you guys aren’t married yet you hold them vows close to your heart ❤️ “ for better or worse” and even with the infidelity that had happened to you you try and see the bigger picture and that’s working on your relationship for Pj. I know it was super hard in the beginning but just enjoy each other's time and slowly work towards more.'

A commenter said: 'That’s nice @porsha4real you and your husband have a great time and keep on pushing. Let them haters hate.'

You should definitely check out more gorgeous images from this amazing trip !


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