Porsha Williams Is Crazy With Excitement And Tells Fans That Her Daughter Could Come Any Moment - Watch Her Video

Porsha Williams Is Crazy With Excitement And Tells Fans That Her Daughter Could Come Any Moment - Watch Her Video
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Porsha Williams shared a video to show her fans that she's intensely preparing for welcoming her and Dennis McKinley's baby. Watch her video below.

'According to google lol I need to put my car seat in and be ready for PJ any moment! Omg I’m gonna be somebody momma soon 😩🥳💃🏾 Thank you @doonausa #LifeSaver #MommyMustHave' Porsha captioned her video.

Someone said 'Yup, it definitely gets real after you put that car seat in the car and pack your overnight bag for the hospital. It's almost push time.❣'

Another follower asked 'A baby shower or gender reveal? I know she had a gender reveal. Maybe I just missed the baby shower, but I don't know how.😥'

A supporter told Porsha 'So excited for you. Remember to be calm and breathe. My grandma had all her babies in 1 hour😂😂 . Love you porsha.'

One fan is also happy for the future mom: '@porsha4real I am so happy for you. As we share similar experiences. I am due in a few weeks, and I couldn’t be more happier. Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈 and good luck.'

A commenter said 'OMG! I’m happy for PORSHA, but I do wish she would let her baby girl have her own identity though instead of her naming PJ give her own identity it’s important # No man should tell you how to name your first born because that’s between you and God. Now a son is different because we tend to always give sons jr . Instead of thinking about their own identity as well. It’s different to change the game but it's Gracious to know the game can change. Much love ❤️ PORSHA.'

Porsha shared a few pics from her first Valentine’s Day with her fiance Dennis McKinley, and the woman looks amazing.

Her fans are gushing over her gorgeous look, and they say that her fiance could not be luckier.


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  • Beverly D Brooks
    Beverly D Brooks Feb 17, 2019 4:23 PM PST


  • Sharon Denby
    Sharon Denby Feb 17, 2019 10:59 AM PST

    Porsha is having a c-section so she's knows the actual date. Praying for a safe delivery & speedy recovery!

  • myles hunter
    myles hunter Feb 16, 2019 8:41 PM PST

    Porscha be a great mom an raise ur baby to be smart bright an be a leader not a follower, its hard raising kids now day its takes a strong black women too give all her love to the child best wishes u deserve it

  • Annie Randolph
    Annie Randolph Feb 16, 2019 11:36 AM PST

    Soooo happy for you Porsha I know you are going to be an amazing mother. I pray for an easy delivery for you. Yell Dennis don’t faint in the delivery room. lol love you guys

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