Porsha Williams Is A Whole New Woman With The Birth Of Her Baby Girl -- First Photo Of The Child Has Been Released

Porsha Williams Is A Whole New Woman With The Birth Of Her Baby Girl -- First Photo Of The Child Has Been Released
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World meet baby Pilar Jhena McKinley, the pretty and healthy baby girl of reality TV star Porsha Williams.

On Wednesday, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star took to social media where she posted the very first the photo of child whom she shares with her fiancé, Dennis McKinley.

The picture did not reveal Pilar Jhena's face, but it is clear that she has a full head of hair and is already a mini fashionista with her floral blanket and matching headpiece.

Porsha explained that her daughter was five days old when the picture was taken.

The TV personality said this after the birth of her baby: "What a time to be alive! Porsha and I are so happy and blessed to announce the arrival of our daughter, Baby PJ.”

She added: “We couldn’t have imagined a more magical moment! Can’t thank everyone enough for joining us on this journey-it’s been a fantastic journey.”

One fan replied: "Ooooohhh head full of hair ❤️😍Only black folks believe heartburn during pregnancy means your child has a head full of hair 🙄😂😂.only actual celebs need to hide their baby's face. Porsha is doing too much. If you not gone show us the face, why show us anything? We waited patiently just like you sis. 🙄"

Another person had this to say: "If she doesn’t show dat damn baby all the pictures we had to look at while she was pregnant. That baby has gone be such a diva. She’s adorable already & we can’t even see her yet. Congratulations @porsha4rea"

This third follower stated: "IG messed up giving some of you the option to comment. I swear some people get on here just to be negative! Who cares if she named her daughter Pilar. That’s what she chose to do, just like your mama chose your name, and my mama chose mine. I get tired of some of you repeat commentators. Pilar is actually a pretty name I’m not too sure what all of you are so confused about lol. I need her to pronounce the name for me. In a video cause what I’m saying doesn’t sound right at all🤦🏽‍♀️."

Porsha is a whole new woman.

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