Porsha Williams Introduces Baby PJ To The 'Insta Aunties & Uncles' - Check Out The Exciting Video

Porsha Williams Introduces Baby PJ To The 'Insta Aunties & Uncles' - Check Out The Exciting Video
Credit: Source: bet.com

Don't freak out just yet because Porsha did not give birth today. She's just showing her Instagram fans and followers an ultrasound with her and Dennis McKinley's baby girl, PJ. Check out the video below.

'#BabyPJ meet your Insta aunties & uncles ❤️ A little over 7pounds 2oz so far🎀👶🏽 #StillBaking #3rdTrimester #DaddyDennis #MuvaP' Porsha captioned her video.

Fans and followers are going out of their minds with how anxious and excited they are to meet baby PJ already.

Someone said 'You must've announced your pregnancy when you was a day pregnant....#havebabyalready🤷🏽‍♀️.'

Another follower told Porsha 'I hope they don’t allow her to get to big, my babies were 5 pounds once there fully developed and weigh an average amount, it’s time for delivery.'

One commenter is also anxious and said 'I feel like you have been pregnant for forever! Your going to make an awesome mommy ❤'

Someone else is dying of excitement and wrote this: 'Gurrrrllllll 7 pounds remember you gotta push her out! 😳 😂‼️ But she’s gonna be absolutely beautiful! You’re going to be an AMAZING Mom.'

One of Porsha's fans had a word for people who keep rushing her: 'For the "you're still pregnant" people Let the girl enjoy being pregnant..'

Just a few hours ago, Porsha made her fans excited after she posted more pics from the Bahamas where she had that mind-blowing photo session.

Other than that, Porsha revealed to her fans that another one of her dreams just became reality.

She launched her clothing line in collaboration with MinxStar. She said that she wanted this for a really long time and now it's finally happening.

Porsha also made sure to share a video on her social media account in which she’s presenting some of the items, and she looks flawless.


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